Lights to Flag

Game Modes

There are 3 game modes to select from when loading the game.

Single Race

  • Choose a driver and a team and compete in a complete race weekend - practice, qualifying and the race - for a circuit of your choice. 


  • Choose a driver and team and compete over a complete season of races.
  • Driver and car upgrades are distributed throughout the season to alter the running order.
  • Direct your team's Research and Development to improve the weaknesses of your chassis.


  • Create a rookie driver just entering their first season and choose your debut team.
  • Upload your picture to the Drivers folder of the carset you are playing to have your image in the game!
  • Players can play through a number of seasons, updating to the next carset season in progression, or choose to keep the current driver and team lineup.
  • Driver improvements and car upgrades are distributed throughout the season to alter the running order. Make sure your team has good resources as this is key to development.
  • Drivers are sacked and hired based on skill and performances at the end of each season, so try and climb up the grid!
  • If you have a carset of the following season downloaded then you can update to run that carset, choosing what data you wish to transfer over!
  • New rookie drivers can be recruited from a pool of real life hopefuls.
  • Teams launch their new cars for the new season, hope that your team have made a step forward.
  • The Teams Association convene at the season’s end to discuss rule changes – vote in favour or against!
  • Calendar reshuffles and circuit changes are common for each new season.
  • Pre-season testing reveals what changes you can expect to car performance In each new season.