Lights to Flag

Driver Menu

There are a number of sliders that you have control over in the Driver Menu, as well as the ability to request pit stops or to leave the pits in practice or qualifying.


  • This has the largest effect on laptime, but increases error and problem rate, as well as increasing fuel burn and tyre wear.


  • This governs how successful overtaking is, as well as how much you attack the circuit, so laptime will reduce but mechanical problems will increase as you use higher values, as well as tyre wear increasing.
  • Higher aggression increases the chances of a collision and also the consequences, either in damage or in steward decisions.

Engine fuel mix

  • This has the largest effect on fuel burn, but also higher values give additional overtaking chances and speed.

Tyre wear 

  •  Large effect on tyre wear with a corresponding increase in speed and fuel burn.  

In addition, you can choose your chassis (only at the start of practice) and engine (at the start of practice and qualifying), however for some seasons you have unlimited new engines and chassis so there is no choice to be made.

You also set wet setup tweaks in Driver Menu, but can only do this at race start or when in the pits. Tyre choice and fuel loads can only be changed at race start and when in the pits for obvious reasons.