Lights to Flag

About Lights to Flag

Lights to Flag is a free-to-download 1 or 2 player motor racing strategy game inspired by the online browser based racing manager style webgame BATracer ( Players assume the role of their favourite driver, either within a single race or for a complete season, or as a rookie driver starting out in their racing career, and play through an entire race weekend, testing tyre compounds and working on setups in practice, balancing sliders to find that one lap pace for qualifying, and planning, reacting and executing the perfect strategy on race day.


Downloading and running the game

The game can be downloaded from the following link:

*** Click HERE to download Lights to Flag v2.7.0.1 ***

To run the game, follow the link and click 'Save' when prompted by Internet Explorer (method may vary for other browsers). Choose a destination to save the folder in, and then, once saved, right-click on the folder and extract it (using jZip or WinZip/WinRAR). Open the folder that is created and double click on the Lights to Flag exe file with the black Lights to Flag logo. Any problems, come and ask for help on the forum below.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Please note it may be necessary to download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to run the game if your computer is not up to date. This can be found here:

Screen Resolution and DPI

Please also note that Lights to Flag has been designed for screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 and higher, so be warned that running the game on monitors or notebooks with 800 x 600 resolution will cause some objects to appear off screen.

This can also occur if you are running a DPI greater than 100% (Normal), this can be altered under the 'Display' settings of your operating system and should be set to around 96dpi.


If you are new to Lights to Flag please come and say hi on the Lights to Flag forum for tips on how to get started playing the game and let us know what you think!